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One on One Mentorships

One on One Private Mentorships
In your private one on one mentorship we will spend the day going through your current portfolio with an in depth critique to see how your work can be improved and discuss specific way you can take your work to the next level - everything from technical camera issues, interacting with your couples, lens selection, and understanding light. 
A real photo session will also be arranged where I will walk you through posing, finding the best light, and client interaction. You will also have your own time to work with the models. After the session we will walk through the post processing of images and preparing them for print and the web. 
Throughout the day and during lunch we will go over any questions you've come prepared with. 
Digital SLR and Photography Basics
In this one on one course we will start off by discussing the kind of images you would like to make and then discuss what gear you own and what gear you will need to do what you want to do. Depending on your current skill level and camera knowledge, the course will be tailored around what you need to learn about your cameras functions with ease and full functionality. Depending on time we will touch on the basics of understanding what is good light and what is not. 
Edmonton Photography Mentorship